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Welcome to Westoe Village Kindergarten in South Shields

Westoe Village Kindergarten provides childcare in South Tyneside and is situated on St Georges Avenue, South Shields. We aim to provide children with happiness, freedom, guidance, discipline and kindness in a consistent, secure environment. We recognise the emotional needs of children include attention, affection, security, a sense of belonging and personal growth. They need encouragement to learn from experience, the opportunity to explore, investigate, experiment and be given appropriate activities that encourage children to reach their full potential.

All children learn through play – the principal means of learning in early childhood. Through play children gradually develop concepts, make judgements and use their imagination.

Westoe Village Kindergarten is a sister nursery to Noah's Ark Nursery which is situated on West Park Road. Noah's Ark Nusery is experienced in childcare for 10 years. The new Westoe Village Kindergarten will draw upon and use this experience in childcare

In Westoe Village Kindergarten we apply a Highscope Philosophy. This enables us to encourage each and every child to become early active learners, which will help to create their own independence, identify their own preferences and develop confidence in discussing their activities whilst developing their social skills.

This system gives all children more choice and involving them in decision making, on a day to day basis, allowing the staff to plan around the children’s interests and needs rather than the staff planning what they think the children should be interested in. The room is set out so toys and equipment are at the children’s level and during free play they have the freedom of choice to play with anything they wish, and can access it themselves.




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