Welcome to Westoe Village Kindergarten, an outstanding nursery that provides quality childcare in South Shields.

Situated on St. George's Grove, South Shields we draw upon over 17 years of childcare experience that we and our sister nurseries have gained in order to provide the best care for children in South Tyneside. This experience and the dedication we have in providing the highest quality childcare has been rewarded as we have been awarded an Outstanding grading by Ofsted in our most recent inspection.

Here at Westoe Village Kindergarten we aim to provide children with the happiness, freedom, guidance, discipline and kindness that they need in order to reach their full potential. This is delivered in a safe, stimulating and caring environment which promotes children’s learning through play and exploration.

It's official, we are Outstanding!

Everyone at the nursery has worked extremely hard to make Westoe the best nursery that it can be and we are proud to announce that we received an Outstanding grading from our inspection in October 2016.

We want to thank everyone involved with our nursery for all the hard work and effort they have put in to help us reach this amazing achievement. We could not have done this without everyone's dedication to the nursery.

You can find out more about our result here.

Our Sister Nurseries

Westoe Village Kindergarten is a sister nursery to three nurseries in South Tyneside and another in Northumberland from which we have over seventeen years of experience in providing quality childcare, and we are proud to be able to say that all of our nurseries have been rated ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

We draw upon and use every experience we have gained in all of our nurseries to make sure Westoe Village Kindergarten always provides the best care for all of our children and that the nursery remains an asset to the community.

Learn more about all of our nurseries.

We serve healthy meals prepared in buidling

We're Healthy

All of our meals are freshly prepared and healthy!

At our nursery we encourage children to develop a positive attitude to food and healthy lifestyles. We understand how important the health of your child is and this makes it important for us. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle to help all of the children who attend our nursery on their way to a long healthy life.